Integrate sustainable practices throughout the entire value chain

Software for comprehensive measurement, analysis, management, and reporting of corporate sustainability and ESG performance.

ESG Software that Creates

Opportunities for all Stakeholders


ESG considerations influence the investment decisions of 80% of asset owners worldwide 


66% of consumers prioritize purchasing products or services based on their environmental friendliness


Brands scoring higher on sustainability witnessed five times the revenue growth compared to those with lower scores
ESG Compliance & Disclosure
The Corpsustain / ESG Sync ESG Reporting Module delivers a robust and flexible solution for tech-enabled ESG reporting and disclosure. By leveraging automated reporting features, it minimizes overhead costs and enhances the productivity of your in-house sustainability team. Advanced maker-checker mechanisms ensure data fidelity, enabling the rapid generation of audit-ready disclosures and reports that meet a comprehensive array of international and regional standards. Additionally, you retain complete control over customizations of both disclosures and underlying metrics.
Supply Chain Sustainability
The Corpsustain / ESG Sync Value Chain Sustainability Module utilizes top-tier survey and statistical mechanisms to assess and estimate a range of crucial ESG metrics throughout the entire enterprise supply chain. This enables you to unearth hidden value and safeguard your business for the future by implementing internal carbon pricing, evaluating vendor sustainability profiles, and proactively managing ESG risks. Through these efforts, you can drive the transition towards a more sustainable, transparent, and resilient supply chain
Ensure your analysis, reporting, and disclosures adhere to

Globally Recognized Standards!