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Enterprise SaaS for end-to-end sustainability management platform.


ESGSync is a cutting-edge platform born out of a rigorous need analysis and competitor assessment. Focused on user-centric design, it fills gaps in existing services with an intuitive interface and robust features. With a meticulously crafted roadmap and delivery schedule, ESGSync aims to exceed user expectations, setting a new standard in streamlined solutions for ESG needs.


ESG Sync is the essential platform for companies and investors navigating global ESG reporting requirements and the multifaceted landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. Our sustainability reporting software simplifies understanding climate risks, managing carbon emissions, and making informed investment decisions. By centralizing ESG data, ESG Sync ensures compliance with regulations, enhances transparency, and empowers businesses to streamline corporate sustainability efforts while investors align portfolios with ESG principles, fostering a more sustainable future for all. 

  • 50% reduction in time spent on ESG disclosure with automated data capture and management.
  • USD 20 million in annual savings on energy and water costs, driven by ESG data insights.
  • Positive impact on stakeholder engagement through a centralized repository for ESG data, fostering sustainability initiatives.

ESG-SYNC Core Features

GHG Accounting & Offsetting Module
ESG Analytics & Reporting
ESG Compliant Supply Chain Management Suit
ESG Due Diligence & Risk Management
Performance Accountability Data Analytics

Standards & Regulations Supported


Transform manual and burdensome ESG data processes into actionable insights you can trust. Experience

Full Featured

Consolidated data to simplify sustainability reporting and identify efficiency opportunities using our ESG reporting software.


Automatically collect 500+ data types from sources including energy retailers, sensors, and more with our sustainability reporting software.

Time Saving

Collect data once, report multiple times with automated data collection and calculations, powered by our sustainability reporting software.

Audit Ready

Report confidently knowing your ESG data has been captured in a single system of record with audit trails, thanks to our comprehensive ESG reporting software.

Silo Busting

Engage all stakeholders with user-friendly tools delivering visualizations and customizable dashboards, enhancing corporate sustainability efforts.

Cost Effective

Realize cost-saving efficiencies in the process of reducing waste, energy consumption, and emissions through our advanced sustainability reporting software.