Due Diligence Services

Our Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) service identifies both existing and potential environmental risks and hazards associated with facilities and projects. Corpsustain performs these evaluations for organizations and project proponents, embedding rigorous due diligence into investments, mergers, and acquisitions. This process not only ensures legal compliance but also meets market and investor expectations. Discover how our EDD service can protect your investments with comprehensive environmental risk assessments. 

ESG and Climate Change Solutions

We aspire to lead the way in ESG solutions, setting new benchmarks for how businesses approach and execute ESG strategies. Our vision entails developing a platform applicable across industries, streamlining the intricate process of ESG integration, and catalyzing genuine change by encouraging a global shift towards sustainable and socially responsible practices

EHS Management & Compliance Services

We provide tailored and comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management consulting and compliance services to multi-sector clients worldwide. Our expertise ranges from corporate-level environmental policy development and enterprise-wide assessments to facility-level EHS outsourcing initiatives and support. We deliver critical information to help clients eliminate or reduce EHS risks and proactively establish cost-effective programs to manage remaining EHS responsibilities. 

Certification and Assurance

CORPSUSTAIN is a leading global certifying body. We assist enterprises in managing risks, ensuring compliance, and enhancing the long-term performance of organizations, individuals, and value chains across various industries through our management system certification and training services. 

Training Services

As a leading corporate training provider, we offer extensive courses in Safety, Social & Sustainability, Environment, Management Systems, and Business Excellence. 

We continuously innovate our course design and development to meet the evolving needs of our learners. Our highly effective training enhances personal effectiveness and boosts organizational performance across all levels, providing a cost-effective solution for industries and commercial establishments. 

Explore our versatile and customized training programs.

Environment Social Impact Assessment Services

At CORPSUSTAIN, we believe that Environmental & Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) go beyond merely securing regulatory approvals; they are a vital component of strategic planning. Our approach to ESIA adds value by identifying alternatives and preparing projects for the future, ensuring climate resilience and sustainability. We provide tailored environmental and social support throughout the project lifecycle. Our ESIA services include: 

ESIA studies 

Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP) 

Gap analysis and compliance with regulatory and IFC requirements 

ESIA screening and scoping 

Environmental and Social Baseline Assessment and Monitoring 

Environmental and Social Audits 

Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation Plans 

Grievance Redress Mechanism 

 Explore how our comprehensive ESIA services can enhance your project’s sustainability and resilience.